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Truly is our Baby! She is a Black Smoke daughter of Onyx & Cyrus & was the sole survivor of her litter after mom took a leap off a bookcase, that she misjudged. All her siblings were stillborn, so we consider her "Truly" a miracle. We could not bear to part with her so this bundle of joy will become her mommy's replacement some day and step up to be Queen. She is, however, honoree & independent like her mom but we couldn't love her more


Willow was imported from Ukraine and is our biggest crybaby. She longs to be held, and petted, and treated like she is the only cat here. Some of the other girls are jealous of her Mane (which is to die for) Her big beautiful green eyes & fabulous ear tufts. She is pretty much perfect in our eyes but then again aren't they all?

Crystal Jam

Crystal Jam came to us from Russia. She is a unique Black Smoke with White girl that has the most interesting color combinations in her litter. She can be a little stand offish with her roommates, but she loves her humans. She is a large girl weighing in at 16 lbs.


Onyx is a Black Smoke feral face to match her attitude! She prances around like she owns the place and if there are babies own the ground, she thinks she owns them all. She is the best mom ever and even helped nurse a larger litter. we love her so much.


Meika a black macekeral bi-color tabby is known around here as "Queen Ear Tufts" They are fabulous to say the least & her offspring follows suit. She is the most affectionate girl in the World . We cant say enough about her gentle nature, her love of water , and the best mommy ever.


Blaise is a bright Red High Silver Mackerel Tabby coming to us from Europe. She has a living personality and heavy appetite. She is quite the character and she says Viper is her choice of man . So we now wait patiently for the time to come.


Verity is very large girl . She is European Bred imported from Europe. She is a Red Silver Tabby ( high silver) She has amazing fur and the thickest Mane and tail ever. She has twin sister "Pagani" They will be bringing our red smoke/shaded beauties


Pagani is imported from Europe. She is a Red Silver Mackerel Tabby ( high silver) She has amazing fur and the thickest Mane and tail ever. She is the identical Twin Sister of Verity and we are beyond excited to see what they bring to the table


INFINITI- Known as “Toes Infiniti & Beyond” She is our first Polydactyl produced by our First Stud “Klaus” & polydactyl girl “Aspen” She has 6 toes on each paw and will bring our future Poly babies. She is a stunning Blue Torbie born & Raised in the USA and the baby of our cattery. It is play , play ,play all day every day with her. She has the sweetest disposition and always ready for cuddles


FERRARI- MOVE over Mercedes , there’s a new car… I mean CAT in town!! Ferrari is our first High Silver – Black Silver Tabby Queen. Her snow white undercoat is stunning. She is a very calm girl but mess with her and she will put you in your place ( ask Ophelia). She would prefer to lay on your shoulders than anything else, but we can’t just lay around all day petting her……or can we?? I mean else can you say – Just look at her