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Our Queens



WILLOW is a gorgeous Green eyed European Black Classic Tabby . She comes to us from Russia. She is known around her as “LIONESS” due to her incredible lion like Mane. She has amazing ear tufts and her offspring follows suit. She is a big cry baby and thinks she is everyone’s favorite .. We are very fond of her loving personality and desire to cuddle


Ophelia was our very first Maine Coon Girl .. She is a Blue Solid Boss girl. She is Queen of the cattery no doubt , although she is the smallest cat in the house. It is not uncommon that she will just walk by and throw paws for no reason other than to show you who is boss. She was Imported from Russia and she has always been very independent. She is finally coming around to affections but she prefers to mother the other kittens. She brought our 1st ever baby Maine coons.


SAGE is very large girl . She is European Bred imported from Europe. Black Marble Tabby . She has amazing fur and the thickest Mane and tail ever. She also is a very affectionate girl and has been a great mom to her first litter of babies. She tends to be protective of the younger girls and stands her ground. Her favorite thing to do is take toys away from the other cats. Her Beauty is admired by many


MEIKA is a stunning Black Mackeral Tabby bi-color All the way from UKRAINE. Her ear brushes are like no other and her spunky attitude keeps us on our toes. She loves playing in the water and zooming around the house . She will have a great future and brings us the most unique coloring babies. She is a very big girl weighing almost 18lbs.


INFINITI- Known as “Toes Infiniti & Beyond” She is our first Polydactyl produced by our First Stud “Klaus” & polydactyl girl “Aspen” She has 6 toes on each paw and will bring our future Poly babies. She is a stunning Blue Torbie born & Raised in the USA and the baby of our cattery. It is play , play ,play all day every day with her. She has the sweetest disposition and always ready for cuddles


ONYX- Our first BLACK SMOKE female imported from Europe . She had her first litter in 2021 bringing the most outstanding Black (high) Smoke babies. She is a very good mother and while she is one of our smaller girls , That did not stop her from producing the biggest babies so far. Her kittens were like no others and a very high silver and feral face that we desire. We cant say enough about this amazing girl..


MERCEDES- Don’t let her fancy name fool ya, She is just as fancy. This BLACK SMOKE Beauty Prances around with her tail in the air like she owns the world. She Comes from the UK with a champion pedigree. We are excited for her to bring her first Black Smoke babies in 2022. She is a needy girl and always giving us loves . This Black Beauty will be around for a while


FERRARI- MOVE over Mercedes , there’s a new car… I mean CAT in town!! Ferrari is our first High Silver – Black Silver Tabby Queen. Her snow white undercoat is stunning. She is a very calm girl but mess with her and she will put you in your place ( ask Ophelia). She would prefer to lay on your shoulders than anything else, but we can’t just lay around all day petting her……or can we?? I mean else can you say – Just look at her